Jan 7, 2009

Hawaii Carnival #1

Welcome to the January 7, 2009 edition of a Hawaii Carnival. What a great way to celebrate the New Year by observing all that is beautiful and special in Hawaii. We have great posts from our readers. Enjoy!

Sarah Burns presents Ohana Mama: Aloha! (about me) posted at Ohana Mama, saying, "Ohana Mama is place where our main focus is to feature mom entrepreneurs and their goods. We host giveaways, feature interviews and do reviews of everything for your Ohana. Share, Learn, Grow!" Please visit Ohana Mama's blog for some great articles, tips and giveaways.

GrrlScientist presents When is a Honeyeater not a Honeyeater? The Tricks of Convergent Evolution posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "Every once in awhile, I will read a scientific paper that astonishes and delights me so much that I can hardly wait to tell you all about it. Such is the situation with a newly published paper about the Hawai'ian Honeyeaters. In short, due to the remarkable power of convergent evolution, Hawai'ian Honeyeaters have thoroughly deceived taxonomists and ornithologists as to their true origin and identity for more than 200 years." GrrlScientist also has some wonderful photos of our islands. GrrlScientist also has some brilliant scenic photos of Hawaii.

Nora Dunn presents Driving Around Hawaii | The Professional Hobo posted at The Professional Hobo, saying, "This is a humorous and educational take on a week-long driving trip around the Big Island of Hawaii." and "What we didn't cover in our first trip around the Big Island of Hawaii, we caught up with in this second trip. After the two trips, we pretty much covered the place from top to bottom and everything in between."The Trip Around Hawaii: Take Two | The Professional Hobo.

That concludes the first edition Hawaii Carnival. Submit your blog article to the next edition of A Hawaii Carnival using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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