Jan 14, 2009

DIY Gift Bags

These are instructions on how to make your own gift bags that can hold bulkier items. Using a box as your template and recycled or pretty scrapbook paper, you can make an assortment of gift bags in many sizes. It's a little easier to make than the flat gift bags, posted earlier, because it's just like wrapping a present. My mini gift bags were made by using a soap box and a cassette tape case as templates.

box template


1. Wrap your paper around the box extending the paper over the bottom for folding. It's best if you start and end wrapping your paper on the narrow side of the box and glue down the overlapping edge.

2. Just like you would do when wrapping a present, fold the sides in.

3. Now fold the top and bottom down and glue to secure.

4. Now slip your box out of the unsealed side and you have gift bag that is ready to use. Once your bag has been filled with goodies, fold the top over and seat with a sticker or punch a hole, thread ribbon through the hole and tie a bow.

Hope I explained it clearly enough...if not, just imagine wrapping a box and folding only one side closed rather than both ends.

A project by Keiki Gift Ideas


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