Jul 27, 2008

Been a while...sorry!

Hi everyone! So sorry it's been such a long time since I submitted a blog entry...

I actually started my own blog about choices for maternity care in Hawai`i: www.maternitycarechoiceshawaii.wordpress.com/

After seeing the film, "The Business of Being Born" something inside me came alive and now I'm passionate about learning about birth and information that is not always easily available.

So aside from being the sales rep for Moby Wraps which is going very well=), the discussion leader over at hawaiimoms.com, now I've become inthralled with birth!

Another project that I'm working on is, "The Business Case for Breastfeeding". If you are or know of a woman who would like to continue nursing/breastfeeding after returning to work and would like some help approaching their employer, please send me a note!

Here's some info regarding skin-to-skin from the brochure 'Clinical Benefits of the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier:

What is skin-to-skin? - "Skin-to-Skin" is contact between the baby's front and the mother's chest. Usually baby is in a diaper and parent or caregiver is bare-chested.

According to Dr. William Sears, practicing skin-to-skin and babywearing has benefits for the whole family:

  • Lowers baby's and mother's stress hormones
  • Increases baby's weight
  • Increases amount baby sleeps
  • Decreases amount baby cries
  • Helps prevent colic
  • Boosts mom's milk production
  • Increases baby's overall health

"The mother's skin is the baby's natural environment, and both physically and emotionally the healthiest place for it to be."-Dr. Nils Bergman

Jul 26, 2008

Introducing Plumerias & Butterflies

Aloha all,

As a member of Hawaii WAHMS, I have had the opportunity to meet many WAHMS here in Hawaii. You have all been an inspiration to me and I am now very confident to start and grow my new business.

I am a mother to 3 and nana to 1, each of them has been my inspiration to move forward in life no matter what speed bumps show up. They have each inspired me to get out there and find my niche. I finally found it creating my own pattern and style for Nappy Bags, blankets and baby ring slings.

Each of these items began and a need, improvements came from friends and fellow moms who wished they could've, should've and would've list of improvements.

I think I am finally comfortable with the group of products I have to offer and make a note that all items are custom made to order. I just bought an embroidery machine to offer additional services because who doesn't want a special item personalized.

I look forward to sharing, growing and meeting everyone here. Let's do this together and we can be stronger business people no matter what.

Check out my website and tell me what you think: www.freewebs.com/plumeriabutterflies

A Hui Hou,

Jul 25, 2008

Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday
Kailani at An Island Life is hosting her Aloha Friday question and we'd like to participate with our own question of the week.

Here is our question:
**What is the spookiest thing that has ever happened to you?

Just so you know, this question came to mind after reading the stories on Chicken Skin Kine, a Facebook group, moderated by our own Hawaii WAHM member.

Stop by An Island Life to join in on Kailani's Aloha Friday question and read her wonderful blog posts.

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Jul 24, 2008

Wordless Thursday (Why Not?): Shoyu Mango

Shoyu Mango

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Jul 22, 2008

Big Brother IS Watching

Have you heard that the BETA version of criminalsearch.com is available now to anyone who may want to do a check on...anyone?  By entering a first name, last name and state you can start a search.  This service is available for free and may be a useful tool for those seeking information on a baby-sitter, house keeper, employee, etc.  

I know that in this day and age safety is a concern for everyone but I still find it weird to be able to go online and look into the background history of individuals you may or may not know.   My way of dealing with these issues, especially when it involves my children or my home, have been with caution and common sense - like do not let strangers into my home, keep my eyes on my kids, etc. but I know things happen and you can't control everything especially when personal information is given out or can be obtained with or without your consent.  Yet, the idea that someone can look into my history without asking or maybe just for the heck of it is somewhat like a personal invasion - not that I am hiding anything (!) - but it just feels strange.  I guess this shouldn't worry me because this kind of service is already available, maybe not so readily, but it is out there and much of it is public record.  I have been a good girl and if my name does appear with a record, it is NOT ME!

So then, what if the nice old neighbor that helps you out with the odds and ends around the house happens to show a history on the search site.  How would you handle that?   Do you believe in second chances?  Do you think people can change?  Do you believe once a criminal always a criminal?  

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Jul 21, 2008

Omarosa's Self Help Book for Women

I'm going to crush my competition and I'm going to enjoy doing it."
--Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth

We all know Omarosa as the contestant from Donald Trump's popular The Apprentice show.  She was the strong, opinionated woman with the tough negotiating skills that everyone hated  - some may  called her delusional - but still, she was the only contestant ever asked to re-appear on The Apprentice and is once again joining up with Mr. Trump to develop a show of her own. Her actions, especially her most recent spar with talk-show host Wendy Williams, may cause hype and buzz but will it help with the sale of her book "The Bitch Switch: Knowing How to Turn in On and Off"?

Omarosa hopes her book "will empower women who are being pushed around, walked on and/or looked over by people in their lives... to speak up or stand up to those people or things that are holding you back from achieving your full potential."

The Bitch Switch
will hit stores in September.  Are you willing to take a few lessons from Omarosa and buy her book?

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Jul 14, 2008

New WAHM Social Network

Internet technology has brought us another way to network with like-minded individuals to develop relationships and meaningful connections with others. As many of us have learned in business class, networking is a key point in the growth of any business. Networking is also a great way to gain and give support to others in your specific industry.

A new Work at Home Mom (WAHM) support group has been created for the reasons mentioned above. This Facebook group welcomes WAHMs from all over. To learn about this group, please click here.

Become a member of this group, get involved and make friends along the way.

Also, don't forget about our own Hawaii WAHMs group.

Click here to join HawaiiWAHMs
Click to join HawaiiWAHMs

Sometimes isolation becomes a factor with WAHM businesses so having support from colleagues can help lead you to happiness and success.

Come join us!

Jul 8, 2008

Design-Your-Own Eco Friendly Madison Bag

The elusive and exclusive Madison Bags are here! Elusive because the only other place that you can get a custom made Madison Bag is from it's flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City. Exclusive because this bag has not been accompanied by others and it has been designed solely and especially for you and by you.

Madison Bags come in 12 styles - hipsters, small totes, large totes, messenger bags and more. Mix and match from over an array of designer fabrics and high quality lining colors. Depending on the style, you have the option to use anywhere from one to 3 different fabrics to create the bag that is unique to your style. The handbags are $48 to $118. Madison Bags are sewn by home sewers as well as in it's facility that is fully powered by wind energy.

Because there is nothing like touching and mixing & matching the fabrics and hardware in person, Madison Bags cannot be ordered through a catalog or online. The fabrics change with the seasons and while some are retired others are staple elements in steady demand.

So you ask, "How can I order a bag?" Well the only way for you to get your custom made bag is to host a Madison Bag Purse Party through a consultant. Imagine throwing a bridal shower where everyone can design their own handbag to remember the special occassion. Or a baby shower where the new mom can create a tote to carry her newborn's many essentials. The party possibilities and themes are endless and fun.

For more information, please contact:

Kimberly Wilson, Consultant
Home: 808-744-1892
Cell: 808-256-3437
1036 Tennesse St
Honolulu, HI 96818

Get the party started!!!

Kimberly Wilson is a proud member of the Hawaii WAHMs team.


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Jul 1, 2008

Rediscover Makiki! Sunset in the Park

Have you spent time in Makiki lately? Makiki is a beautiful oasis in the center of urban Honolulu and the Office of Representative Della Au Delatti is working in partnership with the City & County of Honolulu and the Friends of the Makiki Library to reintroduce you to Makiki with a 2 day celebration.

This celebration is called "Rediscover Makiki! Sunset in the Park". It happens on July 24, 4 pm to 10 pm and July 26, 10 am to 10 pm at Makiki District Park. This event will be full of ono food, local entertainment, movies in the park, activities for keiki and adults as well as farmers and crafters marketplaces. No admission will be charged!

Featured activities include:

  • Makiki Community Library Tours to celebrate the re-opening of the Makiki library.
  • Honolulu Sustainability Fair to learn more about technological advances and what Hawaii is doing in the area of energy and sustainability.
  • Hui O Makiki's Citizens' Resource Center: Makiki's citizen action group will help you navigate the governments many services.
  • Keiki Activity Center for art activities, including a coloring contest, face-painting, and so
    much more!
  • Recreational Park Activities including a basketball tournament and a synchronized swimming performance.
  • Entertainment: Storytellers, magicians, clowns, and musicians.
The goal of Rediscover Makiki is to share the vision for a better greener future and re-introduce residents to the newly renovated Makiki Community Library while building awareness about all the wonderful programs and facilities available at Makiki Park.

Thank you to Rediscover Makiki coordinator, Ms. B. Fo, for sharing this wonderful information with us. fo@capitol.hawaii.gov
p.s. Also visit http://noodlefo.etsy.com for "jewelry with just the right amount of sparkle"

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