Jul 22, 2008

Big Brother IS Watching

Have you heard that the BETA version of criminalsearch.com is available now to anyone who may want to do a check on...anyone?  By entering a first name, last name and state you can start a search.  This service is available for free and may be a useful tool for those seeking information on a baby-sitter, house keeper, employee, etc.  

I know that in this day and age safety is a concern for everyone but I still find it weird to be able to go online and look into the background history of individuals you may or may not know.   My way of dealing with these issues, especially when it involves my children or my home, have been with caution and common sense - like do not let strangers into my home, keep my eyes on my kids, etc. but I know things happen and you can't control everything especially when personal information is given out or can be obtained with or without your consent.  Yet, the idea that someone can look into my history without asking or maybe just for the heck of it is somewhat like a personal invasion - not that I am hiding anything (!) - but it just feels strange.  I guess this shouldn't worry me because this kind of service is already available, maybe not so readily, but it is out there and much of it is public record.  I have been a good girl and if my name does appear with a record, it is NOT ME!

So then, what if the nice old neighbor that helps you out with the odds and ends around the house happens to show a history on the search site.  How would you handle that?   Do you believe in second chances?  Do you think people can change?  Do you believe once a criminal always a criminal?  

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Bubbles said...

Its pretty scary to realise such info about oneself is now made to any Tom, Dick and Harry. On the other hand, how trustworthy is such records. What if someone hacks in and leaves incriminating records (let's say about that sweet old Innocent neighour :)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bubbles~Thank you for the comment. Now that you mention hackers- yes, it is scary! Unfortunately, this is a reality and anything is possible.

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