Jul 14, 2008

New WAHM Social Network

Internet technology has brought us another way to network with like-minded individuals to develop relationships and meaningful connections with others. As many of us have learned in business class, networking is a key point in the growth of any business. Networking is also a great way to gain and give support to others in your specific industry.

A new Work at Home Mom (WAHM) support group has been created for the reasons mentioned above. This Facebook group welcomes WAHMs from all over. To learn about this group, please click here.

Become a member of this group, get involved and make friends along the way.

Also, don't forget about our own Hawaii WAHMs group.

Click here to join HawaiiWAHMs
Click to join HawaiiWAHMs

Sometimes isolation becomes a factor with WAHM businesses so having support from colleagues can help lead you to happiness and success.

Come join us!


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