Jun 30, 2008

Hawaii Bargain Moms

Lilaguide is a social network of mothers from cities all over the U.S. sharing parenting resources, advice and friendship. We are fortunate to have our own Hawaii group called Hawaii Bargain Moms created for moms living in Hawaii that are watching their wallets and looking for great deals on grocery shopping, dining out, entertainment, childrens activities, etc. This group, however, is not exclusive to Hawaii residents, Hawaii Bargain Moms has also opened membership to those who may be visiting the islands soon and would like to know how to save in Hawaii. I'm proud to say that this new Lilaguide group was created by our own (very busy) Hawaii WAHM member, known as cas808. For those looking for a group that comes with rewards attached, this is the group for you!

Emphasizing the word "bargain", Lilaguide is offering the first 10 members of this group a $5.00 gift card from Target. There are only 3 openings left so you had better hurry and join! Better yet, share your opinion with other moms and write 10 reviews of products, services, restaurants, etc. and you will receive another $5.00 Target gift card. I recently received my gift cards in the mail!

If you are still looking for more savings, freebies and money saving deals, you must visit cas808's Hawaii Money Saving Mama blog for hints, tips and links.

Jun 18, 2008

Please Pass A Berry Ice Cube

It's getting hot around here and a Berry Ice Cube sounds like a perfect summer time treat -- it's refreshing, healthy and a good source of Vitamin C. Here is how to make it (thanks to a recipe from Kuakini Health System).

Berry Ice Cubes

  • 12 ounces Fresh or Frozen Strawberries
  • 1 1/2 Cups Orange Juice
  • 1 Cup Fresh or Frozen Blueberries
  • 1 Ripe Banana

Combine ingredients in a blender, puree until smooth. Pour mixture into ice cube trays. Place trays in freezer for about 2 hours of until the mixture hardens. Ice cubes may be frozen up to 4 weeks.

Yield: 2 ice cube trays


Here's a easy favorite in our household -- frozen bananas on a stick. Just cut ripe bananas in half. Insert a popsicle stick in the cut side. Wrap with plastic wrap. Freeze. Enjoy!!! You can get fancy by adding a chocolate shell and nuts but we enjoy it best in this very simple way.

Jun 17, 2008

Summer Reading Program at Hawaii's Public Libraries

Here is a wonderful, FREE and educational opportunity available to everyone this summer. It's the 2008 Summer Reading Program located at all Hawaii Public Libraries. From now until July 12, 2008, children, teens and adults are encouraged to visit your community library and sign up for the reading program. Read one book a week and receive a fun gift. Infant and toddlers can participate by having an adult read to them.

Here is a list of what you can win:

  • Infant/Toddler and Children prizes -- Pro Bowl Disposable Cameras; Quaker Chewy 90 Calorie Bars; Diamond Bakery Animal Crackers; Catch the Reading Bug pencils and tattoos; Keiki's First Board books; Doorhangers and Stickers; Refracto and Rubber Rulers; Protractors.
  • Teen -- Gel Writer Pens; Mechanical Pencils; Twister Stick Erasers; Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix bars.
  • Adult -- sign up for prize drawings.

This statewide reading enrichment program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library of Hawaii, National Football League Charities, McDonald's Restaurants of Hawaii, First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Diamond Bakery, and the University of Hawaii Outreach College's Statewide Cultural Extension Program.

For more information, please visit http://librarieshawaii.org/ and also check out the other library services available to you.

Jun 11, 2008

Career & Life Balance for the wahm

Even WAHMs struggle with career and life balance - and more so than not - they get by on less than equipped home offices, and a lack of access to sophisticated software and hardware. We're often bootstrappers at best - rolling together the day-to-day tasks of our family lives and home businesses into one where time management could mean a tight schedule like: drop kids to school, deliver product to clients, schedule kids dentist appointments, pickup kids at soccer, stop by grocery store, make dinner for the family, bathe & put kids to bed, work on next month's promotions...

In particular, I've been challenged by my addiction to Outlook which I have in my "regular" job to manage contacts, emails, events, tasks and colleague collaboration. In contrast, while at home - I utilize my yahoo calendar, yahoo address book and often the good 'ol pad of scratch paper near the kitchen phone to jot down to do lists, reminders, and the lot. So for me the missing piece for sure was the digitally equipped task and to do list. I may have found my solution in a new software release by 37signals -- Highrise. This web-based software is a scaleable solution for an online contact manager and simple CRM. Now allowing me to keep track of who my business talks to, what was said, and what to do next. A variety of pricing schedules are available and even a completely FREE option which can be upgraded as your needs change and business grows. Other features include: the ability to enter and review notes from calls, meetings, emails, conversations, etc. in a basic CRM; Set up email and mobile phone reminders to get things done; and customize the page with my logo/brand colors.

It has the feel of a big business tool for the small business and I believe it's a great resource especially for the WAHM. I'll be managing our wahm business tasks on Highrise as well as the business of keeping our home lives in order. Now if I could only find that extra set of hands to do the laundry...

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Jun 6, 2008

Another Father's Day Gift Idea from Cello in a Box

Here is another Father's Day gift idea from Cello in a Box. Using a dollar store toolbox just for the container - we taped the lid from the top open to the base then filled with great things that dad loves giving him lots to open in cello. We rolled a magazine up and tied with ribbon then filled cello bags with tools, munchies, a CD, playing cards.Don't forget to put in dad's favorite treats, like candy, drinks, maybe he would even need some new tools at that! :-) This is simply adorable!

A Member of the Hawaii WAHMs Team

Jun 4, 2008

$2.99 Books for Dads

More Father's Day gift ideas...have Dad relax with great books.

Book Closeouts is having a summer reading sale. They have marked down a great list of titles perfect for "fun summer-time reading". All the titles in this sale have been marked down to $2.99 throughout the month of June. Get a book for yourself too!

Jun 3, 2008

Father's Day Special with Pure Aloha Botanicals

Father's Day is right around the corner and if you're looking for special gift to give to that wonderful man in your life, here is a great gift idea from Pure Aloha Botanicals.

Sky's the Limit - Shave balm, shave gel, and body wash set - packed with botanicals like Aloe, Green tea and also Vitamin E. reg. $63 on sale for $50.

Nutrimen C set - REveal exfoliating wash, REstoring Toner, REsurface shave gel, REality Moisturizing Sunscree SPF 8 and a bonus Anti-aging Lip Saver chapstick with SPF 30 - reg. $126 for these 5 products on sale for $100.

To find our more about these specials, please contact Yvette Kama, Arbonne Independent Consultant, by email. To view other Arbonne products and specials, please visit this link.

A Member of the Hawaii WAHMs team

Jun 2, 2008

Blogging is Cheap Therapy

Many find blogging to be "cheap therapy". It is a way to vent your feelings and share your thoughts and ideas without having to pay someone to listen and hopefully get feedback and support for that voice in your head.

If you sometimes feel like you need to say something but want to do it anonymously, here is a site you may like. It is called "Anonymous Mom". No judgements, no advice, no husbands,children or even your own mother finding you. Simply your own place to let it all hang out!

Anonymous Thoughts...Anonymous Dreams...Anonymous Stories

Your secrets are safe with us

Share your story

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