Jan 2, 2009

DIY Flat Gift Bags

Happy New Year!

Here is a simple project to do with all the left over wrapping paper you may have salvaged from your opened Christmas gifts, decorative paper you have in your stash or even brown paper bags. You can turn these scraps into pretty gift bags or envelopes that you can use whenever needed.

This projects involve a just a little cutting, pasting and an old greeting card to use as a template. The card will determine the size of your bag. Later on when you get the idea of the sizes you'll need, you can pretty much work without a template and just repeat the procedures.


decorative paper or brown grocery bags
greeting card to use as template


1. Place card on one corner of the wrapping paper matching edges. The wrapping paper should be cut a little larger than the card itself leaving one edges to fold up on one side and the bottom.
Step 1

2. Fold the excess side along up along the edge of the card.

3. Fold the bottom up along the edge of the card.

4. Remove card and fold paper in half.

5. Unfold, open bottom fold and cut out orange section as shown using the creases as a guideline.


6. Open side flap and cut out orange corners in a triangular shape.

7. Fold side back down and place glue on flap.

8. Fold in half and place glue on bottom flap.

9. Fold up bottom flap to complete your bag.

I hope you enjoyed this simple project.

A project by Keiki Gift Ideas

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