Apr 2, 2008

Nature Hotel

My Hawaii, or aptly named “Nature Hotel” by my daughter, is an archipelago paradise located in the central Pacific Ocean. It has eight main “wings”: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Hawaii and waterway corridors full of nautical wonders.

Being Kamaaina, or locally born and raised, often the beauty around me is taken for granted and I become indifferent to the sights that surround me. Not too long ago I was given the opportunity to “play tourist” at the Nature Hotel and I was able to appreciate the splendor of the islands once again. In fact, I felt “so lucky to live Hawaii” that it inspired me to write this piece.

A whale watching boat ride with “Safari Boat Excursions, Maui Whale Watch” off the Lahaina Harbor on Maui made for an awe-inspiring adventure. We embarked on a boat that permitted up to 18 passengers thus giving everyone an opportunity to view the magnificent humpback whales. We zoomed along the bumpy blue waves and the skillfulness of the captain made it possible for us to get in close proximity to a mama whale, her calf and their male primary escort. The whales were gigantic and incredible; the boat ride was exhilarating!

Kaanapali Beach, also on Maui, had friendly waves for the kids and the best sand for constructing sculptures. Even if you have never made a sand castle in your life, an architectural design with Kaanapali Beach’s fine, moldable sand is promising. It is a fabulous way to spend a relaxing day.

Just recently, I went on a hike with friends to the lighthouse at Kaena Point Natural Area Reserve, the western most tip of land on Oahu. Kaena Point, according to my friend, is a sacred spot where ancient Hawaiians souls would jump off the perilous cliffs to meet their ancestors in the spirit world. This legend is dramatic and so is the landscape. The craggy, wild coastlines with waves thundering in the coves below were breathtaking and stunning. The hike brought us face to face with a charming albatross chick so chubby, downy and undaunted by our presence. We were also fortunate to observe an endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal and her pup sunbathing on the rocky shore.

Like all places, even Nature Hotel has its risks; therefore, if you ever plan a hike or sightseeing activity be sure to make inquiries and prepare carefully.


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