Apr 23, 2008

Doing the Right Thing...

Driving along the 2 lane Moanalua Road. Traffic is crawling. Up ahead, cars are switching lanes. A woman is in the Ewa Bound left lane next to her stalled car. She is on her cell phone. She wipes tears from her eyes and shrugs apologetically to someone in a car creeping next to her. Cars are passing alongside her and soon I too am passing her. Should I stop and help? What can I do? Where will I park my car so I too won't block traffic? What about my kids in the car? Feeling extremely guilty I pass her by. Gratefully in my rear view mirror I see two big guys jump out of a van. Their parked van now blocks the only open lane of road and traffic behind them is at a stand still. I bet no one would dare yell at those big guys! I cannot see what else is going on but I am sure that the woman and her car has been pushed to a much safer place...thanks to the nice guys that came to her rescue. I feel horrible for not helping out this poor woman...but I couldn't leave my kids in the car on a busy street...but I couldn't do much else except maybe comfort her while creating more traffic problems...I can't help but think, "Did I do the right thing?" What would you have done?

Other thoughts:

I just paid $35.00 for half a tank of gas! Must think about downsizing my vehicle or riding TheBus! Convenience or cash?

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hAwAii mOnEy sAvInG mAmA said...

Oh, that's a tough one...but I believe you did what was right under the circumstances you were in. Because she was on her cell phone, I'm sure help was on the way!

My Vision said...

Tough call on that. I would have probably done the same thing since I wouldn't know how to help her if I did stop.
$4.18 for a gallon of gas??? Wow.

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