Apr 3, 2008

Celebrate Bonza Bottler Day

I just learned that tomorrow is Bonza Bottler Day. In Australia, Bonza means "great" and Bottler is said when something is excellent. This great/something excellent occasion is celebrated when the date and the month has the same number (i.e. April 4 or 4/4). Elaine Fremont from Australia created this weird holiday back in 1985 when she realized that a particular month did not have any special day to celebrate. According to the official Bonza Bottler website, the proper way to celebrate Bonza Bottler Day is with a party. The Bonza Bottler website accepts photos of your celebration and even will allow you to submit a name for their mascot, the partying groundhog. For more information, stop by the Bonza Bottler website. And share with us how YOU celebrate Bonza Bottler Day.

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