Apr 14, 2008

Things To Do List

Gadget by LabPixies.com

Here is a simple but useful tool which allows you to maintain multiple notes in one gadget. You can browse between different notes, customize colors and print individual notes.

I know you're all sooo busy, but before you leave our blog, we'd like to remind you to do the following:

1. Add Us to Your Technorati Favorites

2. Add Your Link to Our "TopSpot" for just $1.00. ScratchBack has provided us with a convenient way to "accept tips" on our blog. In exchange for your tip, you will be listed in our "TopSpot" so our visitors can click to your page. For more information about this creative tip jar, please visit http://scratchback.com/.

3. Tell Us About Your "Summer Plans". See our sidebar to add your summer activity to our list or visit our Squidoo lens.

4. Have a great day!

Visit LabPixies.com for this list and other fun gadgets.

Add to Technorati Favorites


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