Mar 6, 2009

Aloha Friday!!

Aloha Friday!
I love great food and amazing food, even though I don’t feel I am a great cook. I also love spending time with my family and not slaving away in the kitchen over the heat to cook great food! So this week the recipe I will share with you will be a 4 meals in 4 minutes recipe! Plus, I will give you 3 options in how to cook the meal!!

Garlic Lemon Chicken

6 Boneless skinless chicken breast (3 pounds)**
2 Tablespoon Homemade Gourmet Garlic Lemon Marniade
1 14- ounce can chicken broth (or 2 cups liquid HG Margarita Mix)
1 Gallon sized zip top freezer bag

Place all ingredients into the freezer bag. Seal and SMOOSH!!

You can freezer at this point if you would like. If you are freezing please label as Garlic Lemon Chicken and list cooking options. Be sure to defrost completely before cooking.

Cooking Options:
Option 1) Bake – 350 degrees for 1 hour.
Option 2) Grill
Option 3) Slow Cook on low for 4 to 6 hours.

**You may substitute the chicken with 3 pounds of pork chops for a variation on this recipe.

Suggested sides:
Cole Slaw, Baked Potato, Cobbler for dessert.

Make extra and make this “extra” meal fast and easy! Slice chicken or pork chops and place on mixed salad greens and top with ½ cup of your choice of dressing, for a light and tasty meal.

Brought to you by Kimberly Wilson

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