Feb 27, 2009

Homemade Gourmet

I am very excited to announce that I am a new independent consultant for Homemade Gourmet ! I am currently the only consultant in Hawaii!! This is very exciting to be able to bring such a wonderful company to the islands!! There are 1,600 Homemade Gourmet Consultants nationwide who help people make great-tasting meals fast. I am committed to the company motto of striving to bring families back to the dinner table by providing quality, affordable, easy-to-prepare meals for both those on the go and those who have time to plan out a weekly menu. I also teach families how to make these affordable and delicious meals at in-home Gatherings of friends and family. Homemade Gourmet has a new product line called Homemade in a Hurry that helps busy parents get dinner on the table fast so they can enjoy meals as a family.

To let you know a little about the company: Homemade Gourmet ® was founded in 1997 by Tami VanHoy, a Texas mother of four. “I believe with all my heart that God created this company to give us all an opportunity to share our gifts with others, make a difference in the lives we touch and to inspire dreams in those who would join us,” said Founder Tami VanHoy. The Texas-based Homemade Gourmet offers a line of more than 100 food mixes and beverages distributed through a network Consultants nationwide. Dedicated to its mission to inspire families and friends to gather around the dinner table more often, Homemade Gourmet unveiled a number of new easy-to-prepare entrees, side dishes and desserts with the spring catalog and tastings across the country, including one here in Honolulu that I was able to do.

Contact me, Kimberly Wilson, at jwilson001@hawaii.rr.com today to learn more about how to make 4 meals in 4 minutes™ for your family dinners, how to host a Homemade Gourmet Gathering or to learn more about a career with Homemade Gourmet. Or you can find more information at www.homemadegourmet.com/kimberlywilson.

Local contact:
Kimberly Wilson
Honolulu, Hawaii

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