Sep 22, 2008

Finding Peace in Your Day

Yesterday my daughter and I attended the 2008 Peace Day Ceremony at the State Convention Center. My daughter and her school mates had the opportunity to perform songs that they had learned in music class. It was a meaningful ceremony with motivational and touching speeches and wonderful performances.

Leaving after the beautiful candle light ceremony, I felt uplifted and inspired to living a more peaceful life - until I encountered the drive home. "Peace" after all, is a more than just happy thinking. Peace means accepting the things that you cannot change, courage and optimism in the things that you can change, hopefulness, promise, potential, desires, dreams, aspirations, harmony, goodwill, friendship, kindness, unity, concern, generosity...

and for me particularly...
...healthy family
...happy kids
...being safe
...a beautiful day
...a good night's sleep
...clean clothes

Hopefully, in my own little ways, I can spread peace. Maybe I'll start by dealing with traffic in a more benevolent way.

What does peace mean to you?

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