Aug 5, 2008

A Weekend in Waikiki

We just came back from a weekend stay in Waikiki. It was our summer vacation minus air travel (and luggage) prices. It turned out to be a wonderful vacation as we played tourist in Waikiki and enjoyed the fire dancers at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, friday night fireworks and the Hilton lagoon, beach and pool. We stayed away from fancy restaurants (awwww!) and shopping but did bus to the International Market Place, packed full of vendors. We also stopped by the Big Kahuna 3-D Golf in the Waikiki Shopping Plaza so the kids could play a round of mini golf for $5 each. Not a bad price considering that the kids got a thrill out of the tropical sounds and strange images popping out at them - and it took them more than the usual 10 seconds to play their 18 holes because the atmosphere excited them.

The best food deal of our trip was at the Wailana Coffee House on Ala Moana Blvd. My daughter describes it as a fancier Zippy's Restaurant. The lunch and dinner kid's meals were less than $3 and our kids chose hot dog with French fries & spaghetti with garlic bread. It included drinks plus the nice waitress let me get Jello from the salad bar as dessert. My husband had a Chinese chicken salad (diet) and I got the local special of teriyaki chicken and fried rice. Our entire order was no more than $25.

Now we're back home. The dog is back with us after a stay at grandma's and is delirious to see us. The cat, on the other hand, isn't showing much joy and 1 fish is dead. The kids are arguing with each other. The house is a mess and it's sooo hot! Vacation is over and things are right back to normal. Normal is nice...sometimes.

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